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Direct and indirect taxation: tax advice and assistance in the field of direct taxation of business income, domestic and European VAT implications with regard to any kind of domestic or cross-border transactions and to any consequent administrative requirements (registration, documentation obligations, filing of tax assessment, etc.), monitoring of the evolution of tax regulations aimed at analyzing their impact on client interests, identification of alternative emerging opportunities triggered by new tax regulations.

Company reorganization: tax advice and assistance in any national and cross-border reorganization process (company conversions, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, listing, etc.) aimed at optimizing the overall tax burden.

Mergers & Acquisitions: tax advice and assistance with regard to national and cross-border acquisitions or sales aimed at identifying the best structure that optimizes the overall tax burden.

Domestic and international tax planning: tax advice and assistance aimed at identifying the best structure for the purpose of optimizing the overall tax burden of any domestic and cross-border entrepreneurial economic initiative (this service provided together with our independent network of international leading firms).

Real estate: tax advice and assistance with regard to the acquisition or sale of immovable properties by means of the best legal structure allowing the optimization of the transaction (companies, investment funds, etc.).

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